Teacher for Learning

Taking the Plunge

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

A very special Ontario Extend welcome to #ExtendWest-ers – the @OntarioExtend Extend West cohort.  It’s great to see how many of you have decided to take the plunge and leap into the Ontario Extend pool!

For those of you arriving at this blog post who aren’t in the #ExtendWest cohort, you can still join in the fun at any time through Ontario Extend.

This week, we’re exploring the Teacher for Learning module.  As an alumnus of #ExtendEast, I thought I’d start off this week by going back to look at where that cohort started.  Valerie Lopes kicked off the week with a post: What can we do ensure that we teach for learning?  Her post is a fantastic introduction to the module.

One of the great things about Extend is the ability to take it at your own pace.  You don’t have to complete the entirety of a module before you move on.  You can choose your own speed and path through Extend.  During #ExtendEast I did a some of the activities but didn’t get through the whole module before we moved on.

#ExtendWest is giving me the chance to go back, revisit the modules, and continue to explore them.  What’s on my radar for this week?

The Daily Extend.

I love the daily prompts.  They can be done relatively quickly. But they can also grow beyond the Tweet if they tweak your interest.  Check out this awesome post by Irene Stewart who explored #oext167 – It’s Technically a Celebration in more detail.

Taking advantage of the flexibility to go where you want in Extend, I’ve also set a personal goal for this cohort.  I want to go back to the start at #oext001 and work my way forward to where I started.  While I plan on beginning this week, it’s going to take a while to get through them.  This is a fun little side excursion and has absolutely nothing to do with challenging @greg_rodrigo on the leaderboard.

Activity Bank. 

While I’ve completed several of the activities in the Teacher for Learning Module such as Misunderstood, Syllabus Concept Map, and Cornell Notes, there are still lots more to explore! This week I plan on completing at least 1 activity from the module.  Some of the Extend West cohort have already dipped into Teacher for Learning.  Today I found this great post by Lisa Koster in which she looks at a course she’ll be teaching in “Syllabus Concept Map Activity”.

Did you know that the Activity Bank not only includes the activities found in the modules but lots of others?  My stretch goal for this week is to complete an activity from the Teacher for Learning area that’s outside of the module.

Domains of Our Own. 

One of my absolute favourite things about Ontario Extend is discovering what others have done.  Becoming part of the Extend community and learning from others has been truly inspiring.  This week, I’m very much looking forward to reading what other Extenders are posting to their blogs.

You can quickly find the latest post to Extend blogs at the Domains portion of Extend. You’ll also find buttons that link you to specific sections such as the #ExtendWest cohort.

If you haven’t set up a blog, I highly recommend it.  It opens up a whole other world of Extend.  If you’re not confident in setting one up, never fear!  Many of us were that way.  There are great resources at the Domains site and lots of us who are willing to help out.  Everyone starts out with baby steps:  like Greg’s Baby Steps in Extend.   This blog, set up during the Extend West Kick-off meeting gives you an idea of how quickly a blog site can be set up.

My blog, Learning Squirrel is set up and running.  However, I decided to do a full site with Reclaim Hosting.    Now that I’m into my second time around, I want to start expanding on the blog portion.  My goal is to move beyond the basic blog to include an area for curated items and a link to my videos. This will require me to continue to build my skill set but it’s an exciting challenge!

What Will You Extend?

Whether you’re ready to jump off that cliff or just dip your toes into the Extend waters, I hope you all have a fantastic time this week.  I’m looking forward to seeing your contributions as you explore Extend and build your personal learning networks!