9x9x25 Challenge

9x9x25 Challenge – Into the Fray!


Photo by Tereza Hošková on Unsplash

The summer has disappeared and I suddenly find myself well into the fall season and well behind on activities.  I had great plans for the summer – make further progress on Ontario Extend modules, participate in Domain Camp, maybe take some time off and go hiking somewhere.  None of that happened.

Instead, I took on an extra course revision with a tight deadline and my summer plans evaporated.  My work on Ontario Extend activities dwindled and stopped.   Once I finished my revision, lethargy set in and I didn’t get back on track.  I needed a push.  A shot of something to get me moving and motivated again.

Renewed enthusiasm came out of the blue in an IDIG Tuesday: Tools and Tactics webinar put on by the Instructional Design Interest Group.   Joanne Kehoe, the moderator for the Open Up to Open Badges session, asked me if I planned on taking part in the Ontario Extend 9x9x25 Challenge.   Admitting to ignorance on what the Challenge was, she gave me enough of a teaser to peak my interest.

So, what is this 9x9x25 Challenge?

The challenge is all about getting reflective on teaching and learning.  The goal is to create 9 posts over 9 weeks, each at least 25 sentences long.  That can’t be too bad right?  (Hmm… how many sentences so far?)

This post and others created for the challenge will be in a new 9x9x25 Challenge category on the blog and will appear, as if by magic (and really through the hard work of Terry Greene and Alan Levine), on the Domains of Our Own 9x9x25 Challenge page.

I’m hoping that this challenge helps me out on a few fronts.

  1. It will provide some structure and get me back into the habit of posting again.   I want to continue on with my original goal of completing all of the Ontario Extend modules and gaining those spiffy badges!
  2. It will be a good opportunity to reflect on my own teaching and learning activities with an eye to strengthening my practice.  There’s always room for improvement and this usually happens as the result of taking a close look at what is and is not working.
  3. I think that the reflection will also be of help with some other educational activities.  I’m currently almost finished a degree in Adult Education.  In addition to taking courses this semester, my eye is on Winter 2019 when I will be completing two capstone courses whose goals are to deepen and refine our understanding of adult education.   The challenge should tie in nicely with the work I’ll be doing in completing the proposals for the capstones.

I’m looking forward to reading other participants’ blogs.  One of the greatest aspects of Extend is the community and contacts that you build.  There are wonderful opportunities to engage with and learn from others in the field.  I’ve made many amazing people through Extend and I’m excited to both visit with them again and to meet.


Happy writing everyone!