A Scurry of Squirrels

Welcome to Learning Squirrel v2.0!

Bigger!  Badder!  And now with more nuts!

Learning Squirrel started out its life on WordPress.  You can still find the first few posts that were the start of the scurry at learningsquirrel.wordpress.com.

I was given the opportunity (aka. nudged by Terry Greene our guru and guide to the Extend experience…  thanks Terry!)  to set up a Reclaim hosting site through Ontario Extend while participating in the Extend East cohort.

Moving to my own domain opens up a whole host of opportunities and will allow me to explore and to participate in Extend to the fullest.   I’m really excited about this opportunity and hope you’ll enjoy the new digs.

Watch for changes and updates as I add new features and explore this larger space to work!

1 thought on “A Scurry of Squirrels”

  1. Love that you’re in it and sharing your work! Can’t wait to join you in this ‘club’ so we can keep nudging each other to go further, learn more, find other ‘nuts’ in this ‘squirrelly’ world of higher education!
    Helen DeWaard

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